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Updated March 27, 2002


NOTICE - How to download the files

Right-click the link, then select "Save Target As..." and choose a folder on your computer to save to.

To hear the audio immediately, Left-click the links that say Streaming RealAudio® but you will not save a copy to your computer.

Delta (152,264 RealAudio®)
Streaming RealAudio®
A spoof of Delta Air Lines radio ads, in Ebonics. May offend.

The MAN Song (225,848 RealAudio®)
Streaming RealAudio®
A very funny coffee house song. Rated PG for sexual references.

Great Song (242,792 RealAudio®)
Streaming RealAudio®
A psuedo-Irish ditty with misdirecting lyrics. Rated R for one use of the F word.

Porky's Kim (388,188 RealAudio®)
Streaming RealAudio®
Audio of Kim Cattrall's memorable scene from "Porky's" in the boys locker room.

How Lazy are DOT workers? (152,000 BMP)

Frosty's Revenge (2,035,000 AVI)

The Whassup? Files - 3 parodies and 4 TV ads

Whassup - Superfriends (1,359,540 MPG)

Whassup - Animals (1,274,342 AVI)

Whassup - Grandma (1,414,939 MPG)

Whassup - Wasabi (2,495,976 MPEG)

Whassup - TV (3,316,348 MPEG)

Whassup - Worldwide (3,502,268 MPEG)

Whassup - Pizza Guy (4,249,603 MPEG)


I Will Survive [Alien Song] (3,201,028 MPG)

SnowMountain (431,104 EXE)
An IPIX picture file, showing the full view: up, down and in all directions. Remarkable technology.

Insider's Recipes (437,584 EXE)
A collection of recipes for all your favorite fast food and brand name products, like Wendy's Frosty, A1 Sauce, KFC Original Recipe, Snapple, and MANY more

Download files about the World Trade Center terrorist attack on 9/11/01

Strangers in the Night Revisited after 9/11 (339017 MP3)
Impersonated vocals of Frank Sinatra, with his message to terrorists.

WTC Columns of Light (870918 ZIP)
3 high resolution photographs in a zip file, of the tribute to the victims of 9/11.

WTC Columns of Light Powerpoint slide show (474,624 PPS)
THIS IS RECOMMENDED - A Powerpoint presentation of photographs of the tribute to the victims of 9/11.

Clean Jokes

GirlFriend Version Conflict

Hotel Soap

McDonnell-Douglas Warranty




Holidays (285,960 EXE)
A nice animated Christmas card

Dirty Jokes






And you thought your job was tough... (362K AVI)

Girl in a XMas Present (249K EXE)

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