A plane is flying over the Atlantic Ocean as the pilot is finishing an announcement on the intercom.  Putting the mike down, he hits the Off switch.  Unbeknowst to him, the switch is malfunctioning and his conversation is broadcast into the passenger area.

"Take over for a while, Dave," the pilot says. to his copilot.  "I think I'll go take a shit and then bang that new stewardess."

At this statement, the passengers fly into a frenzy of conversation and gossip.  The stewardess is greatly embarassed and can no longer stay at her post, so she hurries toward the cockpit.  But, in her haste, she trips and falls to her knees in the aisle.  She happens to land next to a sweet little old lady, who turns to help her up.  As she does, the lady says sweetly, "Don't rush, dearie;  he said he had to take a shit first."

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