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  Active in the Information Technology industry since March, 1986.
Throughout my career I have been able to apply technology to give my clients a competitive advantage. I have written software solutions for all sizes, levels and departments of business. The fast pace of changing technology provides a constant challenge that I find exciting and rewarding.
  Most recently, I was the I.T. Department of a rope manufacturer. I maintained the Server 2003 network, DSL connection, individual logins and access rights, anti-virus updates, product label printers, CD creation, reproduction and label printing for trade shows, video production for CD, pricing and preferred customer pricing spreadsheets for customers, and applied multiple pricing to existing manufacturing application.
  I have extensive experience developing, maintaining and supporting applications written in FoxPro, Progress, Clipper, dBase, Paradox and Access. I have strong skills with formatting and porting data between different platforms and environments, and I have been described as "a versatile individual who learns quickly and has shown adaptability by working on a variety of PC based applications, both alone and in teams." I always have created them with an eye to internet or LAN/WAN compatibility, modular and portable code segments for my peers, clarity and simplicity of screen design for the users and security of data for the clients.
  Applications I have written are solving problems today, including, but not limited to:
Multi-national WAN-based data warehouse with integrated forecasting and planning modules for Board Member level executives' multi-year projections
Ordering, invoicing, duty drawback and export licensing for advanced hardware drop shipped from Japan to South America and the Middle East during Operation Desert Storm
The leading banking regulatory compliance application in the United States
Project planning cost/benefit analysis systems
Inventory control and production scheduling, planning, estimation and cost analysis
Hotel management system with personnel, reservations, scheduling, invoicing, billing, supplies and miscellaneous modules
  Bachelor of Science Degree, Computer Science, West Georgia College
Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, Economics, West Georgia College
Technical Summary
Hardware: PCs and Servers, Macintosh, LANs, HP9000, IBM RS/6000, IBM Mainframe, Modems, Scanners, HP Laser and color InkJet printers
Operating Systems: Windows95/98/2000/XP, SCO UNIX, MS-DOS, UNIX, HP/UX, AIX
DBMS: Visual FoxPro 3.0/5.0/6.0, MS Access, Progress, Visual Basic, Clipper, Paradox, dBase III+, FoxBase for Mac, Object Vision, DBXL, Quicksilver, DB/C, ACUCOBOL
Web: Java (limited usage), HTML, Domain Name Registration and site management
Software: MS Office (Word/Excel/Access/Powerpoint) 95/2000, WordPerfect Office 11 (WordPerfect/Quattro Pro), Visual Source Safe, Rational RequisitePro 2001, PC Anywhere
Network Protocols: Novell Netware, TCP/IP, Windows95, WS-FTP, Ethernet
Experience Highlights
04/06 - 10/06 BlueWater Ropes Inc.
One-man I.T. Department for rope manufacturer. Maintained Windows network, Anti-virus software, spreadsheets, management application.
03/05 - 04/06 Booth Research Services
Conducting telephone interviews for marketing research studies. Active in gathering statistical data for for marketing research studies via random and directed phone interviews. This has made me develop an ability to strike a rapport with people who have little or no interest in my calls, and the ability to control the interview when the respondent is less than hospitable.
02/01 - 03/05 ScottMartin.Com
Web oriented services and programming
07/00 - 02/01 Ajilon Consulting
Assigned to ADP (Automated Data Processing)
Updated and repaired Version 1 of a widely used product, which is Visual FoxPro 6.0 based. It uses properties and methods within classes to contain code segments which can then be dropped on various forms and other classes. Theirs is a different approach from most other applications I have worked on.
This application translates payroll and employee data from SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft ERPs to three distinct ADP Payroll and Human Resources applications. I used Microsoft Word 2000 for my interoffice communication, and Rational RequisitePro 2001.03.01 to formalize and track my assignments.

Assigned to DataScan
Put the finishing touches on the third quarter release of their Wholesale Management System product.
This application uses Visual FoxPro 6.0 as the front-end with FoxPro, Oracle, Sybase, and SQL Server as available back-end data warehouses.
It makes extensive use of inheritance, with classes for every kind of object.

01/99 - 04/00 Fitel | Lucent Technologies and Ajilon Consulting
As a consultant to and an employee of Fitel, a fiber optic cable manufacturer, I was hired to do Visual FoxPro programming. However, I was utilized as the ERP UNIX administrator, ERP application troubleshooter and specialist, EDI specialist, and Y2K coordinator.
Started January 18, 1999 as a consultant with Ajilon and was hired as a regular employee on April 19, 1999. Left Fitel April 27, 2000.

Wrote numerous shell scripts for use by cron, the UNIX scheduler. Processes were triggered by cron on specific dates or days of the week. Processes included nightly backups and daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports, and summarization and archival storage of statistical data. Automated file transfer procedures. Created scripts for cron to verify activity of continuous processes, and to restart them if necessary. Maintained boot-up scripts. Managed over 200 terminal devices and over 60 printers and print queues. Implemented source control procedures for versions of scripts. Maintained user logins, passwords, accounts and mailboxes. Managed disk space and partitions across multiple physical drives. Prepared new disk drives for use and assigned mount points. Established and maintained network connections to Novell and UNIX servers to remotely mount their drives on the SCO UNIX server for access to their data. Responsible for disabling user accounts when employees left the company.

AXIOM/mx by AXIS Computer Systems, Inc.
System administrator for 250 user business application. Incorporated and streamlined end-of-day procedures to eliminate network slowness during critical periods. The AXIOM/mx application encompasses contact management, order entry, product management, raw materials management, production control, shipping and invoicing. It is written in ACUCobol and runs on a dedicated SCO UNIX server. The server is connected via an Ethernet fiber optic network to Novell print and file servers and NT file servers. I wrote programs to extract data from the ACUCobol files using Progress, a DBMS. FoxPro programs for process maintenance and monitoring then automatically utilized the extracted data.

Visual FoxPro
Maintained multiple independent FoxPro applications to process data extracted from AXIOM/mx with Progress. Some were uniquely suited to the needs of the fiber optic cable industry. Others were simple menu driven reporting programs. Each was installed on a client PC according to the users' needs and clearance.
One common practice was to have the FoxPro program create a file in a directory that was visible to the Progress programs and wait for a return file of the same name with a different extension. In this way, users processing different orders could work simultaneously. The Progress programs would take the data contained in the file from FoxPro, look up the order in AXIOM/mx and create a return file with a different extension. FoxPro would then read the return file, processing it to update tables used for tracking, for resource management, for bar-coded product labels, for bar-coded shipping labels and for executive reports.

Gentran by Sterling Commerce
EDI support and map development. Wrote Progress program to extract invoice data from AXIOM/mx to fixed format required by Gentran. Conducted testing with trading partners. Implemented production software.

STX for Windows by Harbinger
EDI support and map development. Established trading partner relationships and created maps. Wrote Progress program to extract invoice data from AXIOM/mx to fixed format required by STX.

Y2K Coordinator
Oversaw Y2K Project for my area. Progress, COBOL, and FoxPro programs had to be checked for date references not associated with date functions or date commands.
New Year's came and went without a hitch.

04/98 - 01/99 ScottMartin.Com
Created web sites for musical groups with graphics and streaming audio.
Updated a web site for a real estate buyers' agency.
Updated CD Manufacturing web site.
Resold domain name service.
06/89 - 04/98 Metro Information Services, Inc.
As a consultant for nine years with Metro Information Services, Inc., I performed contracts with various clients, usually in a post-deadline emergency capacity, to swoop in and save the day.  I was expected to pick up on whatever system they had produced, determine the problem and repair or replace it yesterday.  I thought it was fun.  Below are the summaries of the duties of my assignments, in reverse chronological order.

Assigned to GE Capital Commercial Direct
Maintain a multi-application telephone long distance management system written in Clipper 5.2e. The applications run on one to eight separate client PCs connected with Novell NetWare 3.12. The same application ran on eight PCs and read from the same database table of phone calls, using field values to determine which record was next to be read, which ones were in use and which ones had already been processed.
The system consists of three main production stages: conversion, rating, and billing. The process bills about 6 million calls for 3500 customers monthly.  The servers weren't particularly large, nor the network robust, so the code had to be efficient or we'd take a month to process a month's calls.  As it was, it took two to three weeks.

Assigned to PROACTIVE, INC.
Converted the nation's largest banking regulatory compliance application, CompliancePro™, to Visual FoxPro 3.0 from FoxPro 2.5/2.6 for DOS. This new object-oriented application was developed on a combined Windows for Workgroups / Windows95 peer-to-peer network. Produced additional FoxPro application to allow PROACTIVE, INC. to programmatically update their master database when Federal regulations changed and to allow clients to install the changes in the existing client databases.  Produced applications to generate and verify encrypted serial numbers with license expiration and to upgrade the existing client application software and databases to the object-oriented version.

Assigned to Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
Created database for shipping data for Regional Director of Distribution in MS Access. Designed input screens and reports. Responsible for analysis, design, coding, implementation, documentation and training.  This whole project was done on a Saturday.

Assigned to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
Created an application to read an extract file from the MEDecision medical insurance package, format the data, create a mail merge and output file that is sent to the mainframe for printing. Using ODBC dynamic link libraries, the application combined Visual Basic 4.0, Visual FoxPro 3.0 and MS Word on Windows 95 PCs connected via a multi-server Novell network. The process is initiated by a Visual Basic timer, triggering the process daily to process 6000 claim letters. At the scheduled time, Visual FoxPro imports the new daily file downloaded to Novell from the MEDecision application on a mainframe, extracts address, claim and payment information and creates a Data Source file for MSWord. It is used by MS Word for an automatic mail merge into individual files to be prefixed with printer codes and uploaded to the mainframe print queue on Novell. Trigger files were used to delay processing until some external functions were complete.

Assigned to HEARx
Responsible for the analysis, design, development and testing of a Point of Sale software for this hearing aid company. Work was done using Visual FoxPro 3.0 on a networked PC. Modules included A/R, A/P and Inventory.

Assigned to Northern Telecom (NORTEL)
Created the Global Operations Planning Database (GOPD) application for use by corporate executives to facilitate decisions regarding production capacity and manufacturing capabilities in 74 manufacturing plants worldwide. Utilized FoxPro 2.6 on a Macintosh as the development platform. Responsible for the analysis, design, coding and implementation.

Assigned to BellSouth IntelliVentures
Responsible for the coding, testing and implementation of the Real Yellow Pages CD system. The system places the Real Yellow Pages on CD ROM. Developed system to maintain tables containing text, pictures, sorting criteria and column headings in multiple tables. System allowed adds, changes and deletions to Listing Table and fifteen subordinate tables using Paradox, ObjectPal and Microsoft Excel on PC's attached to a Novell network. Developed scripts to validate and report on missing or duplicated data. Verified and approved data for final transmission to CD printing company in California via internet e-mail.

Assigned to Service Merchandise Corporation
Participated in the development of an Import System for the International department using FoxPro 2.6 for Windows on PC's connected by a Novell network. Responsible for the development of a FoxPro application to support International Purchasing Agreements. Responsible for gathering user requirements, developing on-line screens for data entry, data update and data retrieval, and developing reports. Assisted in the conversion of data imported from external sources which required designing and creating FoxPro databases to match the import files' formats.

Assigned to Encore Systems, Inc.
Member of development team tasked with the development of a Hotel Management System. The system is similar to Holiday Inns' Holidex® system, which is also maintained by Encore Systems. The system maintained information for Reservations, Front Desk, Guest Accounting, Housekeeping, Account Receivable, Credit Card Authorization, Auditing and Security. The software was written in DB/C under SCO UNIX on a PC.

Assigned to Lanier Worldwide, Inc.
Implemented new Import/Export software solution, integrating third-party software with existing Mainframe-Ethernet-RMCOBOL-Novell-Clipper multi-application system. Created and implemented system for verification of export licensing during Operation Desert Storm in the Gulf War with Iraq.
Developed shell scripts in AIX Korn Shell, using cron to automate the process of running backups, managing accounting and disk space on an RS/6000. Used AIX administrative interface utility (SMIT) to set up physical and logical volumes, file systems, users, and devices on the RS/6000.
Implemented monthly procedure to extract data on imported goods from vendor mainframe and integrate data into existing database on a Novell NetWare server. Used IQ to extract data from RMCOBOL files to transfer to Clipper files and create customer databases used by Lanier personnel for customer billing and support.

Assigned to Rich's
Member of a team that developed a billing application using FoxBASE Plus on a Macintosh linked to a AppleTalk network. Application redistributed advertising costs among departments within Rich's based on multiple criteria. Created input screens, database designs and database maintenance software using FoxBASE.
Assigned to Rollins, Inc.
Designed, coded, tested and implemented a Check Reconciliation System using dBase III+ on a PC. The system accepted files from bank and accounting department and compared outstanding and paid checks, prepared exception reports and a specially formatted output file to be processed by accounting department.
Assigned to BellSouth
Designed, developed and implemented a system to match classified advertisement headings in the Southern Bell Yellow Pages and the Yellow Pages Printing Association CO-OP Plan headings. Utilized Paradox and Object Vision running under MS Windows 3.1. Designed and created 40 tables and normalized database containing the plans, the classified headings and a cross-reference file. The system allows for retrieval by multiple values from multiple tables.
Assigned to Medaphis
Participated in the development of an Accounting System using Paradox on a PC connected to a Novell network. Responsible for the revenue estimation and revenue accrual booking modules of the system. Developed menus, reports, input and display screens. Also responsible for reconciliation of actual amounts with estimates. Provided Novell network support as needed for disk space management and security.
Assigned to Lanier Worldwide, Inc.
Worked with a team to convert a DOS-based invoicing application to a UNIX platform. Responsibilities included complete rewrite of the existing RMCOBOL interfaces for new system using Clipper. Maintained integrity of production system while allowing changes in test system. Rewrote numerous Clipper programs to improve efficiency. Performed detailed cost/benefit analysis of existing and future systems including flowcharts, detailed descriptions, and change justification. Presented results of analysis to Vice-President in departmental meeting. The changes were approved, and I oversaw the implementation over several months.
 Created procedure to compress and transmit monthly financials to parent company in Florida. This automated procedure used Lotus 1-2-3 and CrossTalk XVI.
Responsible for designing, implementing and supporting a Novell network. Activities included directory trustee, manager group and user group setup and maintenance, password setup and network security. Performed hardware and software configuration of printers. Used NetWare utilities extensively. Implemented dial in/dial out support and Ethernet TCP/IP connections to an IBM mainframe for the network.
03/86 -01/89 AT&T
UNIX Systems Support Consultant
Responsible for correcting PC problems over three districts. Prepared cost estimates for a 10Mb STAR-LAN network. Installed NAU cards in PCs and configured interrupts. Trained new System Administrator on UNIX OS running on a HP 9000. Accumulated statistical data on growth of users for use in forecasting future hardware expansion. Tracked error rates and presented monthly status reports using Lotus 1-2-3.
Created award-winning front-end editor with DBXL/QuickSilver to edit file containing vital long-distance line information to be transmitted to mainframe. Application was distributed to three hundred locations worldwide. Application transmitted file by calling a compiled CrossTalk XVI script from within DBXL compiled code. Won cash award and plaque for this, due to the 98% reduction in time required to create transmission file.