In numerology, the 3 is associated with Mystery, the 7, with Completeness. Hence, 37 could be seen as Mysterious Completeness.


When Hollywood needs a number, more times than not, they'll use 37.
Why? Your guess is as good as mine.  Human nature?

Here are some examples:

Cool Hand Luke
Luke's prisoner number is 37
Bull Durham
Tim Robbins' number is 37
The Sentinel (UPN)
A thief highjacks an elevator as a diversion while he steals gold buillion from the depository on floor 37
When Tom Skerritt talks to "Mother," the ship's computer, the selection he makes on the screen is Interface 2037
Chasing Amy
In the prologue, 37 is prominent in a newspaper headline
The Shining
The woman in the bathtub was in room 237
(In King's TV version, it was room 217)
Sprite Commercial
Showing the Cleaning Power of Sprite.  At one point, the screen reads, "37 Simulated Minutes Later"
Star Trek Voyager
In the January 18, 2001 episode, the ship is split into separate time frames, so that each frame is a different time, some in the future, some in the past and one in the present. When the captain goes into a future time frame area on the ship, the people there have analysed the problem and tell her the ship has been fragmented into 37 different time frames.

Real Life - Events We Remember

The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair
Monica Lewinsky visited the White House 37 times after leaving the intern program
Execution of Karla Faye Tucker
37 people were executed in Texas in 1997
Elton John's "Candle In The Wind '97" becomes the Top Selling Single of All Time
Elton's tribute to Princess Diana took 37 days to outsell Bing Crosby's "White Christmas"
A CSX locomotive falls into a river in Charlotte, NC after Hurricane Danny washes out supports of a bridge
The locomotive was number 237
TWA 800 explodes off Long Island, New York
The radar blip's last identifier read "TWA800:137", Flight TWA 800, flight level 137, or 13,700 feet ASL
One President has resigned
Richard Nixon - 37th President
Compressed Air tank explodes in the pits at Atlanta International Raceway, killing 1.
The car coming into the pits was number 37
One of the Texas Seven prison escapees, Larry Harper, kills himself.
Harper was 37 years old.
The finalization of the 2000 presidential vote drags on and on.
The time between election day and Al Gore's concession speech was 37 days.

Search your own experience. Ever noticed 37 popping up at mysteriously complete moments?

One more thing - Celsius took the freezing and boiling temperatures of water, divided the distance between into 100 even parts, or degrees, with 0 for freezing and 100 for boiling.  What is a human's normal temperature?  37.0°

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